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World Cup Mascots:

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South Africa, 2010

Zakumi A leopard with green hair...obviously. I thought it was another lion at first to be honest.
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Germany, 2006

Goleo A lion and a talking football named Pille
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The Spheriks

Korea/Japan, 2002

The Spheriks Members of team of "Atmoball" , Ato is the coach while Kaz and Nik are players.
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France, 1998

Footix A rooster- not a cock.
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United States, 1994

Striker A dog named "Striker"- wow those crazy Americans must've been up all night thinking of that one!
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Italy, 1990

Ciao Best world cup mascot ever,fact - Ciao!, hello to you too
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Mexico, 1986

Pique A jalapeño pepper
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Spain, 1982

Naranjito An orange- bit fat to be playing or advertising the greatest game on earth surely?
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Argentina, 1978

Gauchito Another boy? Really pushed the boat out the past 3 tournaments!
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Tip and Tap

West Germany, 1974

Tip and Tap Er...two boys? Where's Rolf Harris when you need him?
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Mexico, 1970

Juanito Um... a boy?
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World Cup Willie

England, 1966

World Cup Willie A lion, wearing a union flag that says "World Cup"- that's what you want, plain an simple. Animal-check, national identity-check, world cup-check. Job done!
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Ellie Conyers:
June 24, 2010

"hi i love the leopard mascot this year -GROOOOWLL ha x"

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